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House of Whacks
Perth, Western Australia

Head Mistress Rose extends a warm greeting to all International Mistresses wishing to become Guest Dominas at House of Whacks.

We have enjoyed three decades of a strong prescence in the Perth BDSM scene.

At House of Whacks, We as a Sisterhood are courteous towards eachother and honest at all times.

I may grant that My personal 247 TS be at your beck and call for the making of your refreshments, meals and requirements and furthermore as your assistance of a practical nature in the dungeons and clinic, example all cleaning duties. I will however, not at all tolerate that My slave become your plaything and in any such instance where boundaries are overstepped, will result in immediate dismissal.

When I am not present at House of Whacks, all enquiries must be made through Mistress Divine

Head Mistress Rose
House of Whacks


Approved Real Head Mistress

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